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Tawnya Fowler is the Owner/Operator/CEO of On Point Financial Services. She manages the financial operations of the business as well as oversees all accounting personnel to ensure utmost accuracy.
she brings an excess of 20 years experience across a broad range of finance, including accounting, treasury management, financial reporting, budgeting, and net worth statements.
she graduated summa cum laude from Keiser University earning valedictorian status of her class. She also holds a Master’s in Professional Accounting from Colorado State University.
she has a wide range of experience in many fields and industries including real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitality, restaurants, small family businesses, and personal finance.

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Who We Are

Here at On Point Financial Services, we aim to separate ourselves from the crowd by offering a level of service that our competitors do not. Where others fall short, we excel. What is it that we do exactly? We are a professional accounting outsourcing firm located in Palm City, Florida. We have over 20 years of high-level financial accounting experience. We offer accounting and financial services for business and personal needs to clients in Palm City Florida and surrounding areas such as Stuart, West Palm Beach, etc... We offer a wide range of financial services ranging from simple bookkeeping all the way to investment coordination and reporting, liquidity statements for loan reporting, and much more. We specialize in high-net-worth family offices, however; we are not limited to just this area of expertise. We have experience in finance and accounting across a broad range of industries. These industries include: real estate, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hospitality, restaurants, small family business, and personal finance. We take pride in what we do and hold ourselves to the highest standard. We take care of the stressful work associated with financial management on behalf of our clients. Our success is dependent upon our clients' success, which is why it is our number one priority to ensure that your financials are On Point. Everything we do is done to the highest level of detail to ensure utmost accuracy. We work one on one with our clients in order to ensure they receive the highest level of customer service and care. Have any questions? Do not hesitate to reach out, we are glad to help. 

Benefits of Outsourcing 
  • Will allow more time for business owners to work on their businesses rather than in their businesses.

  • High net-worth individuals will have more time to travel and do what you enjoy doing without having to worry about your money management and reporting.

  • Expertise of a CFO, Controller and staff accountants at your disposal without having to pay the typical associated salaries, payroll taxes, health insurance benefits, and 401K profit-sharing match. When you outsource accounting, you pay for accounting…nothing else.

  • When outsourcing to a professional accounting organization, you have the advantage of the knowledge of all individuals at that organization, rather than one individual hired directly. It is our job to have the latest rules and regulations at our fingertips…it’s what we do for a living.

  • You will have a wide range of experience at your disposal rather than depending on the knowledge and experience of an individual bookkeeper. Accounting tasks will be assigned to the strongest qualified accounting professional for that task. You will always get the best possible experience handling your accounting.

  • Will allow collaboration of several accounting professionals to arrive at the best possible scenario from a business taxation standpoint.

  • When revenue is reduced, the associated accounting fees will be commensurate with the reduced revenue. If you have full-time employees on staff, a business is unable to fluctuate their salary according to revenue stream.

  • Third-party verification of financial information is more desired by lending institutions and other institutions requiring financial statements.

  • Eliminates dealing directly with employee issues (performance issues, fraud, leave of absence, etc.).

  • Reduces fraud. Most fraud is experienced by small business owners who perhaps can’t afford a CFO/Controller to watch over their funds. An outsourced CFO/Controller can implement fraud protection controls.

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